Visual Basic .NET lessons – learn with a mentor by your side

Visual Basic .NET Lessons
Visual Basic .NET Lessons

NachhilfeNice that you are interested in Visual Basic .NET lessons and have found your way here! Even as a Visual Basic .NET expert, I know that getting started with something new and especially with programming can often be bumpy. Perhaps you have already completed one or two typical courses?

However, this is often not enough, as courses usually only provide a limited (and sometimes no) insight into the day-to-day work of a developer. But it is precisely in the everyday life of a developer that you learn the professional aspects of software development.

Most of the people who come up to me after completing courses and books are sometimes just starting out. „Somehow nothing half and nothing whole“ is something I hear regularly.

Interactive presentation

Take a look at this small and interactive presentation about my Visual Basic .NET lessons.

Use the arrow keys to navigate or click on the arrows with the mouse. You can also use the Escape key to access an overview view. You can switch to full screen mode with the „F“ shortcut – however, you must have clicked at least once in the presentation for this to have the focus.

Instead, treat yourself to a clean introduction to convenient and efficient Visual Basic .NET software development with my Visual Basic .NET lessons. Enjoy quick results and your own projects and above all: Learn everything from scratch, or pick up where the shoe really pinches with me at your side!

Take a look at my software developer portfolio to see my skills for yourself, or simply write to me – I don’t bite 😉!

Visual Basic .NET lessons are charged at €15 per hour (60 min) and billed collectively. Arrange a non-binding request for a trial lesson now!

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