I am Robert Skibbe.

Full Stack Software Developer for .NET & Web.

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About me

I am Robert, professionally a so-called "Full Stack Developer" in the area of .NET and Web and have been working in IT for more than 10 years. I originally started out as a programmer around 2011. After I’ve worked for several small and big companies in the past years, I’m self employed nowadays. In addition to IT – which turned from a hobby into a profession – I would describe my penchant for the stock market and my interest in psychology as my (further) hobbies. Find out more on the "About me"-section of the main page.

Skills & Tech-Stack

In my professional journey, I have developed a diverse skill set that reflects my passion for innovation and problem solving. From in-depth programming skills in various languages to effective project management, my skills represent not only technical competence but also the ability to develop creative solutions in dynamic environments.


Winforms, WPF, CLI (MVVM, oldschool)

PHP (Slim, Symfony, oldschool)

JavaScript JS (NodeJS, VueJS, vanilla)

Code (Clean, SOLID, Convention-Based)

Software architecture

Databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server)

IT Security (Shift-left of Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Pentesting)

UI / UX (User-centricity, Consistency, Hierarchy, ...)

Completed projects
Happy customers


Transparency and fair conditions are my top priority. Below you will find an overview of my service prices. I will be happy to provide you with customized advice for individual projects.

  • .NET-Development
  • C# & VB.NET
  • Winforms, WPF, CLI, DLLs
  • MVVM sowie "Oldschool"
  • Clean Code
  • Refactoring
  • Rewriting
  • Version updates
  • € 80

    per hour
  • contact
  • Web development
  • JavaScript, jQuery, VueJS
  • Bootstrap, W3.CSS
  • NodeJS, PHP
  • Clean Code
  • Refactoring
  • Rewriting
  • Version updates
  • € 80

    per hour
  • contact
  • Lessons / Mentoring
  • Learning the basics
  • Dev's everyday knowledge
  • Accompanied exercises
  • Clean Code
  • Databases
  • CLI, Winforms & WPF
  • SEO / Marketing
  • € 20

    per hour
  • contact


The satisfaction of my customers is the focus of my work. Here, some of my valued customers share their experiences and impressions. These testimonials offer an insight into my working methods and the successful collaboration with my partners.

Rezensent Reiner Medro

Reiner Medro

Fast implementation of my software, fast response times and the interpersonal relationship is also good.

Rezensent Dieter Bork

Dieter Bork.

I look forward to continuing our collaboration so that our software challenges can be developed in a modern, fast and lean way.

Rezensent V. S.

TAXInside Unternehmergesellschaft

Mr. Skibbe not only impresses with his professional and human approach to customers, but also with his expertise in technical areas. We look forward to future .NET and other projects.

Rezensent Thomas Folkens

Thomas Folkens

Top service and fast live development of my employee software - always happy to return!

Rezensent Patrick Neumann

Patrick Neumann

Mr. Skibbe supports me with all IT-related questions. Whether it's my own Windows or web software, or one or two homepage tricks. I say: Thank you and always with pleasure!

Rezensent Gottfried Kalupar

Gottfried Kalupar

I am self-employed and am constantly realizing new projects. Robert gets involved, has ideas and implements them super fast!


My passion for creative solutions is reflected in the diverse projects I have worked on. From conception to implementation, I pursue the goal of creating innovative and appealing solutions. Please note that - depending on the decision of the customers involved - I have blacked out or omitted any data to protect company secrets / data protection. Here is a list of current projects:

Robert Skibbe Logistics Software Portfolio Project

Logistics software – Web / Cross Platform

Manage orders, customers, invoices, partners & more. Technologies: Symfony, JS, VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, mySQL, Doctrine.

Robert Skibbe VeraHunter Portfolio Projekt

VeraHunter – IT Forensics Software

An IT forensics software written for authorities / governments regarding the preservation of evidence. Technologies: WPF, MVVM, Selfmade UI.

Robert Skibbe GovCracker Portfolio Project

GovCracker – IT Forensics Software

An IT forensics software written for authorities / governments regarding the preservation of evidence. Technologies: WPF, MVVM, Selfmade UI.

Robert Skibbe Wallet-Inspector Portfolio Project

Wallet-Inspector – Crypto Forensics Software

Crypto forensics software for authorities, tax consultants, lawyers and private individuals. Technologies: Winforms, C# & VB.NET.

Robert Skibbe GovTools Portfolio Project

GovTools – Password Extraction Software

An open source software for the extraction of password hashes. Written with / in C#, WPF, MVVM, Selfmade UI.

Robert Skibbe Moderne Webseite Wallet-Inspector Portfolio Project

Modern Website – Wallet-Inspector

A modern website for the above-mentioned crypto analysis software. With animations, responsive design & more.

Robert Skibbe Customer Relationship Software CRM Portfolio Project

Customer Relationship Management Software

A CRM program, here in the picture: A Kanban board view for project planning, etc. Technologies: WPF, MVVM, MahApps.Metro, Caliburn.Micro.

Robert Skibbe logistics software Portfolio Project

Logistics software – Desktop-Version

A desktop version of an individual transport / logistics software. Technologies: C#, WPF, MVVM (selfmade), SQLite.

Robert Skibbe Schülerprojekt Schach Portfolio Project

Mentoring activity - Chess project

One of the many guided exercises I do with my students to teach them programming.

Robert Skibbe NuGet Packages Portfolio

33.000 Downloads – of my software

To give something back to the .NET community, I have made some of my software packages available for free in the NuGet Store.

Robert Skibbe Automations-Tool Portfolio Project

Automation- / Scripting-Software

A tool developed for computer automation. Used to support users in their daily tasks.

Robert Skibbe RFID Reader App Portfolio Project

Selfmade RFID-Reader with App

I regularly use this project type for my hardware-enthusiastic students. However, it is also used productively for time recording.

Robert Skibbe Labor Software Portfolio Project

Laboratory software Desktop application

Primarily for managing and controlling internal workstations and their devices. Technologies: VB.NET, MVVM - at the customer's request.

Robert Skibbe VB.NET Windows CRM Portfolio Project

VB.NET Winforms CRM

Windows CRM software as an add-on for a store software - with TCP chat, etc. Technologies: VB.NET, Winforms.


If you have any questions, would like to share feedback or require further information on my products & services, simply contact me using the contact options below. I look forward to hearing from you. Note: Unfortunately, I can currently only accept projects with a lead time of approx. 4 weeks.

Rabenhorst 38, 47546 Kalkar, NRW

Mobile: (+49) 157 333 67 950