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So you want to learn programming or expand your knowledge? Register as a student now – without obligation! You can give me some information and a first overview of your wishes and goals with the following contact form. Just take a look at the FAQ below for the most important questions and quick answers. Please leave me either your email address or your phone number, so I can reach out to you.

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programmieren lernen mit meinem Unterricht

Learning to program software isn't always the same. Looking back over the past 15 years, I speak from my own (sometimes painful) experience. I became aware of the problem on the one hand through my own journey as a developer, but on the other hand, through recurring inquiries via YouTube, my homepage and other contact methods.

Those seeking help - whether young or "old", whether employed or self-employed, or whether students or surgeons - always had the same criticisms of existing (online) courses. As you may have noticed (or will notice) yourself, programming is more than just "How do I write an if-branch?".

Another and above all big problem is the wrongly acquired supposed knowledge. That's where I often heard like "I've always done it that way..", a typical sentence which you've already hated from your parents. Especially in software development, "it works" doesn't mean "it's good", "it's safe", or "it's efficient".

The course problem

Eventuell hast auch Du schon den ein oder anderen Online-Kurs, das ein oder andere Webinar oder vielleicht eine Weiterbildungs-Maßnahme besucht. Du hast dort vermutlich die üblichen Basics abgearbeitet, hattest aber nachher Schwierigkeiten, diese Basics dann wirklich umzusetzen. Wenn man dann final vor einer tatsächlich realen Aufgabe sitzt, ist es eben doch meist anders, als die künstlich formulierten Aufgaben aus den typischen Kursen.

Somehow not complete

The most common problem of online courses is actually always one and the same: The basics are taught and afterwards you are somehow still there as a beginner. Above all, there is often a lack of reference to reality, i.e. to an actual developer's everyday life. You learn e.g. these things called branches and you think – yay! But seldom is a word said about when in certain cases one should even omit the branches completely - meh.

Learn professional programming

Instead, you can look forward to the practical implementation of the topics learned in exciting, real-life projects in my lessons. On the one hand, these include modern approaches for the visual design of applications and on the other hand, even more profound and professional programming practices. We also attack exactly where you have your conscious and partly unconscious deficits.

Learn programming


Learn through realistic projects and directly from the everyday life of a programmer.


In order to support you as best as possible, I adapt the lessons to your individual needs.


With a personal mentor, you will learn everything very quickly and in a targeted manner.

programmieren lernen mit Windows Forms
Windows Forms (Winforms)

Windows Forms

Many beginners begin their journey of learning to code with the Windows Forms Toolkit (Winforms for short), a UI toolkit for easily creating visual user interfaces. We are also happy to start or expand your journey with the knowledge of Windows Forms development.

Windows Forms CRM Programm-Beispiel Screenshot
Learn to program using a Winforms CRM example

programmieren lernen mit WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation

Anyone who wants to start developing graphically more modern user interfaces these days, uses WPF. After the basic steps in Windows Forms have been completed, we also start with the WPF development. Of course, there is also the possibility to start WPF development immediately after learning the basics.

WPF Beispiel App – programmieren lernen
WPF example app – learn programming
Motraso App Screenshot – programmieren lernent
Motraso app screenshot – learn programming
WPF Technologie
Oster-Angebot .NET Programmierer 2022

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Über mich

programmieren lernen mit Robert Skibbe

With roots in programming dating back to 2008, I consider myself an expert when it comes to software development. Due to my drive for the cleanest possible code, I always use common design patterns and principles such as: SOLID, MVVM, DDD, etc. when creating my programs. In due course, these patterns will also gradually find their way into your individual lessons.

I was able to proof my knowledge in various software projects like:

  • customer administration systems
  • hardware controls
  • complex ERPs
  • and much more

and in my regular lessons. My talent for simply explaining complex things was reflected in my early days through former, accidental student contacts. I then started to motivate myself in my own little teaching activity. This has now existed for several years and covers a wide range of situations and ages.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

If you want to learn to program or expand your existing knowledge, common questions often arise. In the following section I have answered many of these questions for you briefly and concisely.

Lessons are currently (see offer above) charged at €15 per 60 minutes (in 15-minute increments). After a short period of getting to know each other, most students prefer a kind of prepaid model. Usually 6-8 lessons are collected and then billed in one go. This saves both parties unnecessary administrative work.

For the benefit of the environment, invoices are usually sent to the student or their legal guardian via email. The amount should then arrive in the account specified on the invoice within 7 working days. In order to avoid external or additional fees (which would have to be passed on to the students), I only accept payments via bank transfer, or good old cash payments.

You don't need much to be ready to learn programming: In the first step, you need an average, simple PC (whether it's a desktop PC or a laptop). If you don't have a PC, I can also offer you to study at my office, where there is a separate PC for students. In the most common form via remote maintenance and for example Skype, you should have at least a 16,000 line. All software used in my classes is free and quick to download. There would be e.g. the development environment, which you need for programming yourself, Skype for a conversation and/or remote maintenance software for working together.

More than basics

In contrast to the usual courses, which often only work through the absolutely rudimentary basics and somehow leave you standing after "starting the engine", you get more here: You have the opportunity to learn practice-oriented knowledge and apply it professionally. While usual videos only reflect a one-way way of learning, you can ask me questions live.

With your personal coach / contact person

We will work on these questions mentioned above, interactively with my simplified explanations. I will also accompany you on your way and pay particular attention to any deficits. We can then work on this together. After the basics are in place, we can get started with the really important part, i.e. the actual job of a programmer: Programming efficient, clean, maintainable software.

There are many good reasons to become a software developer, the job is:

  • well paid (40-120k)
  • mostly homeoffice biased, more and more towards 100%
  • flexible in terms of working hours
  • a pretty safe future job
  • crisis-proof
  • also available without a degree

Of course, you can also start as an independent freelancer in the field of programming.

Ultimately, however, you need a certain knowledge of programming for many (other) professions these days.

At the beginning I will follow a kind of common roadmap with you, to teach you the essential basics. However, this is often based on your own level of knowledge and goals, which may arise after some time. With my many years of experience as a tutor/teacher, I have the knack to lend a hand exactly where it is necessary. Once the absolute basics are in place, we'll start working on real projects. In doing so, the understanding of programming itself is formed more and more. Then, in the next level, we refine what it means to write clean and maintainable applications.

Virtually / remote

Probably the most common and, above all, the simplest method is virtual teaching via remote maintenance. I am currently planning and implementing my own remote maintenance software (which is directly connected to my management system). Until then, we will continue to use the common remote maintenance tools in combination with e.g. B. Skype or the good old cell phone.

At my local office

If you prefer the lessons on site, I can also offer you my office on site. There is a computer specially designed for students, so you don't even have to own a computer. I want to give everyone the chance to learn to program and become a programmer.

Usually we plan a respective appointment about 1 week or at least a few days in advance. At the time of the upcoming appointment, either I will call you or you will call me (see also "Where are the lessons?"). Then I switch to your PC, where we will write the source code. Most of the time we will then work continuously on small to large projects (depending on the level of knowledge). During our work we will write certain notes so that you have the opportunity to look at them again in peace and let them go through your head.

In addition to my roots as a hobby programmer, school education and a degree from a correspondence school, I primarily draw my professional expertise from my past permanent positions. Of course, my many years as a tutor/teacher and above all, my activities as a freelance programmer also play an equally important role. Altogether I have been programming for about 15 years now.

This question is easy to answer: No! My oldest currently active student is 71 years old and my youngest student was 11. As you can see, this range makes it easy to see that the spectrum is relatively large and that ultimately you just have to be somewhat passionate about this topic. I think that actually applies to everything, doesn't it!?


My very clear, personal recommendation on frequency would be 2 teaching sessions per week. If the sessions are too far apart, different topics often get lost again. After a completed session, it takes about 2-3 days to repeat the material on your own. Questions often arise, which you are of course welcome to write down and bring to the next session.


Also for the duration of a respective session I have a simple recommendation through the years of experience. My students like to choose a duration of 2 hours here. Of course, I am primarily based on you here, but this time has turned out to be the most sensible. 1 hour is often too short, because you are just really getting into the current project. After 2 hours, the concentration often switches down a lot, so I find this less useful.

Which programming language (or the whole so-called stack) it will be afterwards depends on your goals. If you want to write native Windows applications, the C# / VB.NET languages are the perfect solution. However, if you are aiming for "cross platform" development, I would recommend going online. This includes languages such as: HTML (basic structure), CSS (design / styling) and the client-side language JavaScript. My personal strengths are in C# & VB.NET, as well as in web development (PHP, HTML, etc.). I would be happy to advise you on this.

Customer opinions

Feel free to take a look at some excerpts of what my customers say about me and my work – you can find more on my Google business profile.

Fast implementation of my software, fast response times and the interpersonal relationship is great as well.

Rezension von Reiner Medro
Reiner Medro

I look forward to further cooperation so that our software is developed in a modern, fast and lean manner.

Rezension von Dieter Bork
Dieter Bork

Top service and fast live development of the software for my employees - always happy!

Rezension von Thomas Folkens
Thomas Folkens